Between December 1 - January 9
you can get 
up to 3 months of career coaching
for the cost of a two hour appointment

  • A Career Health Check form for you to complete.  This will help you identify what's going wrong in your career and decide if you want to do something about it. 
  • A professional 2 hour career consultation, completely customised to your needs and concerns.  During this appointment we will consider your personal career criteria, based on what you have identified as being really important to you, so in the future you will be able to evaluate any jobs or opportunities confidently.  We will develop an action plan and ensure that you know what strategies you are going to use to make big changes in the New Year. This can be in person, by Skype or telephone, but must be booked and paid for by January 10, 2015 and held between December 1 - 18,  January 5 - 16.
  • Resume review, and suggestions to make your resume really show what you are capable of, sent to you as a video so you can replay and make the necessary changes.  
  • Resources that you can refer to, such as videos or ebooks on interviewing techniques, adapting your resume for different jobs, using LinkedIn to tap into the hidden job market.....Whatever additional assistance you need really. 
  • A seven week webinar group coaching series - 7 Steps To a Powerful Career Breakthrough. This webinar series, accompanied by a comprehensive workbook, will put you in the driving seat for your career.  These webinars will guide you to having great clarity about  your personal career needs, your direction, your strategies and your ongoing career management. No more uncertainty! No more doing what others think you should be doing!  No more putting up with situations that are making you unhappy because you are afraid to make a change!  The webinars will be live and interactive, giving you the chance to reinforce and apply everything we discussed in your private appointment.  This means that instead of just having a 2 hour appointment you effectively get up to 3 months of career coaching (depending on when you have your consultation) for the same price.  This is a strictly limited offer between December 1 - January 9.  Live webinars and group coaching will commence on January 20th and will be held each Tuesday at 7.30 pm until March 3.   7 Steps To A Powerful Career Breakthrough will be marketed to the general public for $495 throughout January, so you are getting this program completely free of charge.    

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. This Offer Comes With A

'What's Going Wrong' Guarantee!

I'm ready to stand by everything I claim. If you actively follow the processes and strategies that are suggested and don't have any success with making a career change within 30 days of the webinar series finishing,  I don't want your money and will refund all that you have paid or keep helping you....whichever you prefer. No hassles - We can work together to see what's going wrong and do something about it or part as friends. 100% Satisfaction or Money-Back Guaranteed.

I look forward to personally helping you to make a powerful career breakthrough by the beginning of March 2015.


Jenni Proctor