Achieve Desired Career Results With Time Management

July 16, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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At the end of the last century, career development was basically understood as undertaking additional training to achieve career success. Most workers in the past believed that having excellent skills, especially when backed up by years of experience, was the only way for them to achieve the career results they wanted.

While having outstanding skills and experience will always be important, in today’s very busy working world time management is also vital in career development. Technology has created a bridge between work and free time which, whilst wonderful in some ways, has meant that many people work longer hours now than ever and are expected to do some work related activity outside of working hours. That is why it is important to have time management skills.

At some point in most people’s careers there are times when they are overwhelmed with work and end up stressed. To cope, we have to find ways to manage our time more effectively so that we can excel at work while enjoying quality time with our family and friends. We need to acquire time management skills. Below are more reasons why you should manage time wisely:

  1. Workers who can manage their time wisely are more efficient at work. Cramming will only result in low quality of work. When you are able to manage your time wisely you will achieve better career results.
  2. Time is short. Unlike other types of resources, you cannot save time for later use. Time gone is time lost. You will never be able to make up for lost time so you need to make the most of the time you have for work.
  3. Successful time management will give you more time to spend doing stuff you’ve always wanted to do. Efficient management of time will allow you to work more effectively as well as have quality time for yourself.
  4. Efficient time management helps people avoid work stress and serious ailments later on in life. Work-related stress may result in serious physical and emotional illnesses. Proper time management results in workers having higher energy level in performing daily tasks.

Does your life feel totally out of control? If so, it’s time to do something about it and reclaim your life. Career success is within your reach if you know how to balance life and work and your priorities are clear to you. Achieve great career results with proper time management.

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Last Modified: June 2, 2013
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