Achieve Great Career Results: Adapt an Entrepreneurial Mindset

July 20, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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Whether you want to change careers, get a promotion or start a new business, embracing the entrepreneurial mindset is very important. Adapting an entrepreneurial mindset can provide you with numerous advantages in achieving the career results you’ve always wanted to happen.
The truth is every aspiring executive is an entrepreneur, promoting themselves to their chosen clients. When applying for a job, we market ourselves to prospective employers. At work, we market our services to customers.  Having the entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to those who want to create a business. Thinking like an entrepreneur will truly help you succeed in your professional life.

  1. Entrepreneurs take risks. One thing that sets successful entrepreneurs aside from average executives is their willingness to take risks. I don’t advise taking uncalculated risks. Wise entrepreneurs know when to give it their best shot because they understand that bigger rewards await those who take wise risks. At work, try to come out of your comfort zone. Take on challenging tasks. Aside from gaining new skills, your boss will also notice your hard work and may offer you a promotion in the future.
  2. Entrepreneurs know how to nurture relationships. They understand that a relationship built on trust and respect is a vital part of a successful business. At work, treat your bosses as an important customer. Remember that you are marketing your services to them. It is also important to nurture your relationship with colleagues and everyone in the workplace.
  3. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their business. Passion is essential to achieve great career results no matter what roadblocks you may be facing. Perform your responsibilities with excellence as your priority. Be passionate about achieving a successful career. Instead of spending most of your time dreaming about the kind of career fulfilment you want for yourself, be proactive and start working towards that dream.
  4. Entrepreneurs know that they are in control of their destiny. Strongly believing that you are in control over your success or failure will help you achieve the career results you desire while being careful about making major blunders.
  5. Entrepreneurs work hard. Successful entrepreneurs need not be told about what needs to be done. They are proactive and constantly care about one thing – achieving their goals. They know that success is achieved through hard work and perseverance.

When you start to adapt the traits of successful entrepreneurs, you can achieve whatever career aspirations you have knowing that you are in control of your success. Achieving great career results is within reach. Think like an entrepreneur. Choose to be successful!

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Last Modified: June 2, 2013
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