We live in a world of change.  Change happens to us, and around us, all the time.  

People also change jobs much more frequently than they used to, sometimes by choice, sometimes not.  Organizations change direction and new bosses come and go. People get put off, with the word “redundant” or “downsizing” sounding a warning bell to those still in a job. If we lose our job in middle age we feel we’ve been thrown on the scrapheap. Who will employ someone in their 50s or older?  Is this the time to make a career change?

Powerful Career BreakthroughPeople become emotionally affected by enforced changes at work, their fears of losing their job, having enough money to make ends meet and having enough money on which to retire.

Many just put up with jobs that they hate because they are afraid that a career change is too risky “at their age”.  Some seek help but many struggle on, thinking there is something wrong with them that they are finding it hard to cope. 

It could also be that you find yourself being bullied at work, feeling inadequate with new work practices and technologies, passed-over with a well-deserved promotion, or even doing the same job for more than a decade. These all contribute to undue stress.  When you are feeling stressed it's likely that you will feel even more fearful of a career change.  But don't despair – help is available! 

Are you prepared to keep on living like this, or are you challenged to make this change?  Great support, online resources and up-to-date career change strategies are all yours through 7 Steps to a Powerful Career Change!



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In  my many years as a career practitioner, during which I’ve coached people with different attitudes, different career goals and different views on career success, I have noticed a common pattern among the behaviours of those who were able to attain a successful career. Let me share them with you:

You need to have clarity about your goals and understand your priorities. Before you take any step and make any big career moves, you must understand what you want to achieve and what matters to you the most. Are you willing to give up your comfort zone for a chance to succeed in a job you have always wanted to do? Are you willing to take the risks? Do you want to do something meaningful to you and your family? Failures are often caused by unclear goals and priorities. Career success occurs when people are aware of their purpose, what matters to them the most and how to get what they want.

You need to recognise your strengths and ensure that what you are doing enables your strengths to shine.  We all have weaknesses too, but successful people are not easily discouraged by their weaknesses. They don’t dwell on their insecurities but find ways to use their strengths in all that they do. Improve the things that you are good at, realising that it is through these strengths that you will shine.  

You must understand what commitment is and should be committed to succeed no matter what. You must believe that you can make a change and that it will be successful. Success demands risks. Be prepared for the possibilities and most of all be positive about the future.

Learn  how to communicate effectively. Do you know that powerful communicators make the best salesmen and politicians? Yes, successful people are usually those that are good storytellers. They know how to say the right things to the right person at the right time. They are good at influencing people and are confident.

You must learn how to value relationships. You can be successful at any age when you know how to value relationships and are aware that you need people to succeed. Successful people are those who create solid relationships and know how to nurture partnerships. They know how to build sincere, honest, and trustworthy relationships.

If you incorporate all of these tips into your career development plans, you are sure to have a great chance of succeeding. Do you want to make a successful career move? The 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough  Program can provide you with practical solutions so that you can achieve career success at any age. Contact us to learn more!



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As a mature worker, looking for work can be a pain, especially if you haven’t got a clear career goal in mind.  A goal is important as it will define your success.. .or failure.  Creating clear and realistic career goals is often neglected by people. Having clearly defined goals is an important ingredient in achieving career success.

Your career goals will define all the decisions you will make in managing your career. Goals will give you a clearer direction so you can direct your efforts to something that will work for you. It will also help you evaluate the success of a career move you make as you are looking for work.

Creating career goals is a very simple step in your career development. It doesn’t require over-analysis of things or extensive technical expertise. But of course it would be best to get the support of someone who truly understands your needs and has the expertise to give you sound career advice. A career coach can help you achieve the career you’ve always wanted by assisting you in plotting your career goals and providing you with the tools you need to be successful in your chosen career.

 Well defined goals will lessen the possibility of distractions and will give you a better view of what you want to achieve professionally. The 7 Steps to Personal Career Breakthrougharityc.linktrackr.com/careerbreakthrough">Career Breakthrough program (hyperlink here) is designed to help you get in control of your working life and what you really want to achieve in your career, as well as teaching you how you can effectively market yourself and be noticed as an outstanding person in your field of work. It provides strategies to help you get noticed by important career decision makers for the right reasons in your current job and in the job market if you are looking for work. Once of the most powerful strategies is the use of LinkedIn. If you want many tips about how to unlock the hidden job market through the use of LinkedIn you can download our free ebook, LinkedIn:  Tips and Tricks to Unlock the Hidden Job Market.

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LinkedIn is a great social media tool to help mature workers in managing their careers. Thousands of career changers around the world have benefitted from the career opportunities available through LinkedIn. If you are not on LinkedIn yet, now is the best time to join the site and benefit from its features.

The power of LinkedIn to help people in their career advancement effort is significant and undisputed. If you are a mature worker looking to change careers, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools you can have. LinkedIn offers phenomenal career management capabilities which will allow you to find good referrals, business and career opportunities. It has the recommend or refer feature which is really great in boosting your credibility online.

One of the greatest benefits of being on LinkedIn is its capacity to provide its members the opportunity for personal branding. LinkedIn profiles tend to rank well in Google so having a personal brand online and linking your blog or personal website to your LinkedIn profile will help you reach hiring managers better.

As LinkedIn’s user-base is growing, more large companies are signing up for to it. So if you are active on LinkedIn, you will have a bigger advantage of getting hired by good companies. LinkedIn offers professional features, such as groups, giving people more opportunity to become visible to potential hiring managers and help them in managing their careers. Having your profile on LinkedIn, even if you are not actively planning a career move, will allow you to be visible and still marketable to other professionals and businesses.

 Efficiency and reach are other reasons why LinkedIn should now be part of your career management efforts.  If you are prepared to have your resume online, it allows you to apply for jobs instantly. However in some ways your LinkedIn profile becomes more important than your resume because it is accessible to so many people. With LinkedIn integrated with other services, including SlideShare, Twitter and Amazon, your comments and activity on LinkedIn have the potential to be viewed by many people.

LinkedIn is an inexpensive way to promote your professional reputation online. It offers superior features without having to spend much.

There are many reasons why you should be on LinkedIn. If you are looking for a successful career change, Linked is the place to interact with people who can help you in your career plans and establish your personal brand. It is the best place for people who are seeking better career opportunities.

Are you looking for great career development tips? Find out how the 7 Steps to Personal Career Breakthrough Program can help you! Contact us now to learn more!


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What’s stopping you from pursuing your dream career? Are you one of the many mature workers who are stuck in careers they don’t like because they are afraid of the possibility that they could fail along the way?

The fear of failing is common to everyone. It is however important to remember that failure is an opportunity to learn from experience and is a prerequisite to success.

Of course things can go wrong sometimes, but failure in pursuing your dream career should not stop you from trying again. We must accept that things can go wrong sometimes. There are no guarantees in life. We must accept the fact that mistakes are inevitable but you have the power to make up for all the wrong decisions you made. Use this experience to do better next time.

Success and failures are essential ingredients of life. Instead of becoming pessimistic about the future, think how you can pick up the pieces and move on. Believe that better things are to come. What’s good about failure is that it’s entirely up to us how we would choose to look at it. Failing or succeeding is a state of mind.  We can choose to view it as the end of it all or we can look at it as a good learning experience. Lessons are good. They will help us grow as an individual.

Failures will also allow us to reflect on our capabilities and weaknesses. Through failures you can discover your strength and unleash your will to succeed.

My advice to those who are recovering from a career setback is to choose to be successful. It’s all up to you really. Seek professional help to move you through this experience quickly and effectively. A good career coach can guide you in making important career decisions and can teach you the right attitude you need to succeed in pursuing your dream career. Having the guidance of a professional career coach will reduce the risk of failing in your career planning. The 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough Program can help you in achieving career success by providing strategies to manage your career effectively. Contact us to learn more!


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