Career Change for Older Workers

May 7, 2013 | Jenni Proctor
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We live in a world of change.  Change happens to us, and around us, all the time.  

People also change jobs much more frequently than they used to, sometimes by choice, sometimes not.  Organizations change direction and new bosses come and go. People get put off, with the word “redundant” or “downsizing” sounding a warning bell to those still in a job. If we lose our job in middle age we feel we’ve been thrown on the scrapheap. Who will employ someone in their 50s or older?  Is this the time to make a career change?

Powerful Career BreakthroughPeople become emotionally affected by enforced changes at work, their fears of losing their job, having enough money to make ends meet and having enough money on which to retire.

Many just put up with jobs that they hate because they are afraid that a career change is too risky “at their age”.  Some seek help but many struggle on, thinking there is something wrong with them that they are finding it hard to cope. 

It could also be that you find yourself being bullied at work, feeling inadequate with new work practices and technologies, passed-over with a well-deserved promotion, or even doing the same job for more than a decade. These all contribute to undue stress.  When you are feeling stressed it's likely that you will feel even more fearful of a career change.  But don't despair – help is available! 

Are you prepared to keep on living like this, or are you challenged to make this change?  Great support, online resources and up-to-date career change strategies are all yours through 7 Steps to a Powerful Career Change!



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Last Modified: May 8, 2013
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