Career Change Tip: Understand the Labour Market

August 7, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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A career change usually implies moving into a different occupational role, job description or even industry. Yet you'd be amazed at how many people consider a major change in their career without doing the necessary research to really understand all the factors that will impact them in their new career.

You must know the reality of the work you are seeking when you are looking for a career change. What are the salaries, expectations, opportunities and predicted future prospects of that occupation? When you know the labour market you are prepared and ready for anything. You know what you want and how what you want fits with what others are seeking. In understanding the labour market, you understand what is expected of you and you are able to make clearer decisions to assist with your career change. Your answers in interviews will also be more succinct.

No matter what your industry there are ways you can find out the most up to date information. The internet makes research about companies so much easier than it used to be. But insider knowledge is really important too. Maybe you know someone in the industry who can inform you, or perhaps you could make contact with someone you admire within your industry and arrange to meet with them to ask about current industry and labour market trends. Either way you will come to understand how your industry is currently faring in the economy and what are the key employment trends in the industry.

Just by doing a little investigative work you will increase your chances of making clear decisions on your future, making your career change so much easier.

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Last Modified: June 4, 2013
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