Career Satisfaction and Your Personal Core Values

June 22, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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Is career satisfaction a myth? Is it really possible for a person to achieve career satisfaction in an economically challenged world? Is career satisfaction directly tied up to financial abundance?

Different people have different opinions when it comes to what will give them complete career satisfaction. Some workers may say they want a relaxed work environment; some may want to have better relationships with their bosses and colleagues; while many will answer they want a lucrative salary and better opportunities for career growth. While all of these are true, achieving career satisfaction is truly dependent on one’s personal core values.

Our personal core values are important in the way we act and decide on things, and speak a lot on how we relate with colleagues and clients. The core values we possess are reflected in the way we interact with the people around us, and the way we handle situations. Understanding our core values will result in better work decisions, better relationships and a successful career.

Achieving career fulfilment is not impossible. Career fulfilment can only be achieved through career assessment. A career coach can help you as you go through the process of self realisation. He or she can also assist you in making career decisions so you can create a more meaningful career.

The Core Values Index is an outstanding career assessment which offers accurate results describing one’s innate, unchanging nature. Unlike personality tests, the CVI offers a 94 percent repeat-score reliability. It is easy to use and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. People who utilise the Core Values Index enjoy better work outcomes and improved levels of career satisfaction.

You are solely responsible for your own career satisfaction. Understanding your personal core values is the key to fulfilling long term career satisfaction. Contact Clarity Career Management now to learn more about using Core Values Index for your career assessment and how you can benefit from it.

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Last Modified: October 25, 2012
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