In this video Richard Nelson Bolles speaks of career as being the expression of “an artist at work”, expressing our personality through the work that we do.  He reveals the media through which he most enjoys expressing himself. 

This video is the first of four in which Richard Nelson Bolles, acclaimed author of ‘What Color is Your Parachute’ (which is now in its 40th edition) spoke exclusively with Jenni Proctor from Clarity Career Management.  

In the second video of this interview Dick Bolles talks about being an entrepreneur


The four interviews are available for viewing:

An Interview with Richard Nelson Bolles author of ‘What Color is Your Parachute?’

Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute, chats about being an entrepreneur

Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute, is “up to mischief”!

Richard Nelson Bolles describes life as a smorgasbord


Career coaches – you’ve heard of them. In fact, some of your friends are working with them. Is it time to work with one to take your career to a higher level?

If you’re feeling stagnant in your present career status or are considering a career change, hiring a professional career coach may be just what you need. Traditionally, career management was solely the responsibility of an organisation’s human resources department, but times have changed how people view career development. People are now more involved in their own career development and are finding ways that they can better manage their professional direction.

A career coach can help you identify professional difficulties and can help you overcome these difficulties. They can also assist you in identifying your weaknesses and improve on these weak areas. He or she can help you realise issues that may be affecting your career and train you to handle career complexities better. Coaches can improve your career decision-making and assist you in formulating wise solutions to improving your skills, overcoming insecurities and improve your level of work performance and satisfaction. Your career coach is your best ally and will support, motivate and offer encouragement.

Most people, at any age or stage of your career, can benefit from a career coach.  Just as investing in your education is essential to secure a good career, investing in a career coach is also a wise investment for your future. Many companies in developed countries use the service of professional career coaches in providing guidance to their people. Career coaches are truly invaluable in helping you achieve your career development goals. Sign up with Clarity Career Management to enjoy the free Seven Steps to Refresh Your Career video course. Clarity Career Management is a team of worklife and career strategists who aim to help individuals flourish and reach their full potential and for organisations to achieve their greatest level of productivity. Contact Clarity Career Management for more information.

Employees are the foundation of a successful business. Without them, a company will never be able to attain its goals, whilst a company with top performing employees is almost assured of success. For this reason it is important to motivate employees to give of their best and to consistently monitor their progress and show appreciation for their efforts.

  • Recognition is still one of the most successful ways to motivate an employee and increase employee satisfaction. Even a simple thank you can make a big difference to how workers view their role importance. While it is important to recognise top performers, it is also wise to give attention to poor performers as their performance may indicate that they are not placed appropriately within the company.  Employers should learn to appreciate employees’ efforts and unique contributions, and consistently inspire them to boost staff morale. Recognise them equally, get to know them personally and show genuine interest in their work.
  • Clearly define your organisation’s vision.  Your company’s vision is an important tool to assist your employees to identify their roles better and to check whether their personal goals are aligned with the company’s visions.
  • Be sure to share the company’s successes with employees.  A worker’s performance and productivity are directly related to how he or she feels towards their employer. This is why many companies utilise profit sharing, which is an effective way to show to employees that they are part of the larger organisation and will benefit from the company’s success.Doing this will significantly increase employee satisfaction.
  • Don’t make drastic changes all the time. Of course, changes are inevitable to the success of the company, but according to experts companies who frequently make big changes are those who are uncertain about their future and are unsure of what they’re doing. Drastic changes often scare employees and jeopardise their confidence in the company.
  • Make work more fun for employees. Think of ways to make work more fun. Encourage the team to enjoy themselves.  Set up a social committee responsible for coming up with fun activities at work. It has been proven that employees who enjoy work are 50 percent more productive than those who see their jobs as boring.
  • Coach them to do better.  Everyone, from long-term employees to new recruits, from senior management to junior workers, need support of some kind. Pay attention to the needs of your employees and give them clear feedback on their work performance. Management should also be able to show employees how to do their jobs better. You don’t have to wait for yearly appraisals to coach employees. It is also wise to invest in a career coach to revitalise your workforce and increase employee satisfaction. Clarity Career Management offers career coaching programs with comprehensive resources for employees, at any level of responsibility within the company from executives and managers to new employees. Our coaching programs can be tailored to meet your team’s exact needs. Contact Clarity Career Management for more information!

The employees of a company often represent the biggest chunk of company expenses, but are also a company’s most valuable asset.  This means that a company’s profitability depends mainly on the effectiveness of their manpower and on ensuring that workers are performing at their best and according to the organisation’s goals.

The importance of harnessing the productivity of workers is even more important for small and medium-sized companies since they won’t be able to compete with large companies in terms of financial resources or physical infrastructure. Because of this, small and medium-sized businesses need to find ways to compete with bigger competitors if they are to succeed to their full potential.

Several employee development studies reveal that worker productivity increases when companies are able to align company objectives with employees’ individual goals. Doing this also boosts employee morale and increases retention. Goal alignment will also strengthen management’s leadership and will create organisational agility.

Use goal alignment to convey expectations, explain company and worker’s progress and identify employee strengths and weaknesses. Aligning organisational goals with employees’ expectations and how their role and performance will contribute to the company’s long and short term goals will result in workers and management working together to reach the same objectives, and will improve employee performance.

Managers can create a positive difference in employee performance and productivity through goal alignment only if they know the right approach to doing this. Workers should also be able to identify their personal career goals, as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. Clarity Career Management offers coaching expertise to workers through the Clarity Career Management Blueprint. This program provides outstanding value and will set participants up to manage their own career for life. We also offer personal career coaching support.  Contact Clarity Career Management for more information!

Every worker dreams of enjoying their work, gaining satisfaction and fulfilment through the work they undertake.  Who wouldn’t want to go to work energised and looking forward to another productive day? 

Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the career satisfaction they have always wanted, and many people do not understand the steps they can take to achieve a career that they enjoy. What people fail to understand is that any career tactic won’t work unless they first understand themselves, what are their innate nature that influences their daily activities and decisions, including their careers.  All the career advice in the world doesn’t help if people won’t put an effort to knowing themselves better and developing a positive mindset about their work.

So what do you need to do to achieve a truly successful career and make your life visions a reality? Here are a few steps:

  1. Discover who you truly are. When you know yourself well, you will completely realise what can give you long-term career satisfaction. It is also essential to know what you truly want. Doing this will give you a clearer picture of your visions for work and your life in general. Learn about your core values. Our core values make up our personal value systems. It defines how we make decisions and determines our behavioural patterns. Understanding our core values will help us know our inner self and the factors that influence our personalities. Clarity Career Management offers the Core Values Index, an outstanding assessment tool which goes beyond evaluating one’s personality and digs deep into a person’s motivational drivers, communication techniques, learning patterns and even weaknesses. The test requires only ten minutes to complete, and results are received quickly online. For more information about the CVI, contact Clarity Career Management.
  2. Create a career management plan. A career management plan will serve as your blueprint for success. Every successful worker knows the importance of having a career management plan to ensure career success. Seek the help of your career coach in creating a career management plan.
  3. Push yourself to do better. Average work translates to average success. Success takes tremendous effort, commitment, patience and self confidence. It would help to seek professional help to ensure your career success. Clarity Career Management offers coaching assistance to guide people in improving their career management skills. Clients are also supported with excellent resources to assist them to manage their own career into the future.
  4. Embrace mistakes and learn from them. Everyone is prone to making mistakes. These are all part of our learning process. Mistakes can teach us valuable lessons as we strive to achieve career success. So never allow mistakes discourage you from pursuing success.

Clarity Career Management offers practical solutions so that you can achieve a successful career through outstanding career coaching sessions and excellent career tools. We offer great resources to help you move forward towards your personal and professional goals. Contact Clarity Career Management to find out more!