According to surveys, a person’s career satisfaction is directly related to how much he or she feels appreciated at work. With the tough career competition today, it is very common for managers to overlook the need of an employee to be recognised for the work he or she does.

Everyone has felt it at some point of their career. Many workers don’t see the point of doing their best and increasing their productivity because they feel taken for granted. If you are one of the many workers whose efforts remain unnoticed, here are some tips to turn the tables and achieve career success:

  • Work hard no matter how underappreciated you feel. Doing this sends a strong message that you deserve all the recognition in the world. This is the best way for your boss to notice you and reward you with a promotion or a raise. Let your work speak for itself.
  • Talk to your boss. Ask him or her how he or she views your work or if  there are things that you need to improve at work. Seek his or her feedback. By being proactive with your career management and showing your boss that you are serious about getting things done, you will boost your reputation at work.
  • Volunteer to do the hard work. Help out in difficult tasks especially those that will allow you to showcase your skills and expertise. Make every effort to be noticed. Accept challenging tasks if you can do it.
  • Sometimes, our feeling of being underappreciated is related to money matters. If you feel that you deserve a raise, talk to your boss about it but make sure that you maintain your professionalism. It is also important to make sure you can justify why you deserve a raise, so knowing you have been working beyond the demands of your work role gives you the confidence and evidence to ask for greater remuneration.
  • Consult with a career coach. An experienced career coach is a helpful person to talk to about career matters. Their expertise in career development will help you understand what will give you career satisfaction. They are capable of assisting you in making career decisions and creating effective career success strategies.

Your worklife can sometimes seem unfair but by genuinely contributing at work and ensuring that your achievements are noticed you will enhance your career success. If things aren’t going as you expected them to, don’t give up. The key to being appreciated at work is to work hard, implement a career plan and establish connections within and outside your organisation, so you have a strong network to support your next career transition. Achieve your career dreams with the help of an outstanding Clarity Career Management coach. Contact us to learn more!

Is it really possible to do something we love without having to worry if it will give us sufficient income? Can we really turn our interests into our main source of income?

We often hear people tell us to follow our dreams and to do what makes us happy. But is it really that simple? Is pursuing our life-long career dreams worth the risk? With the economic downturn everyone's experiencing, risking a job we've been doing for years can be daunting.

Define your passion

You must know yourself very well. Know your passion. Passion keeps you moving forward even through challenges. When you are genuinely passionate about the things you do, it does not seem like work. Some people are afraid to pursue their passion because of fear that work related to the things that they really care about might not sustain their financial needs. Although working for a high-paying job that you don't like can bring food on the table, choosing to stay in that work for practical reasons will be bad for you in the long run. Success is not just about making big money, it's all about succeeding through doing something you enjoy. A career coach can help you in defining your passion.


Re-assess your financial situation

Your dream career may not be as financially rewarding as your present job and even if it has the potential in the long term, you can not expect to earn a great deal while you are establishing yourself. Assess if you can afford to take risks financially at this time. Examine your expenses, your lifestyle and the financial status of your family. You can still pursue your passion but you have to be practical about when and how you can afford to do so.



Career planning helps create a more secure change of career. Without careful planning, you lessen your chances of success. A well created career plan will incorporate the steps you need to take and the strategies you will use at each stage. It will help you stay focused towards achieving a successful career and will help you make realistic career and personal life objectives. A realistic career plan will allow you to be more proactive and to anticipate difficulties along the way. Consult a career coach to learn more about career planning.


Pursuing your passion will always have some risks including financial risks, and understanding this is the first step towards overcoming any challenges. Is your belief in the work you want to do strong enough for you to accept the challenges, make the required sacrifices and still feel confident that you are doing the right thing?

Need help? Seek assistance with a Clarity Career Management career coach today!

Sign warning you to Be Prepared

Be Prepared!

Powerful Practical Career Strategies to Put You In Charge of Your Career and Your Future


Are the current round of job cuts and redundancies likely to affect you?

Do you live each day with this threat hanging over you, making you feel stressed and uncertain about your future?  Or have you already lost your job?

At times like this there is not a lot you can do about the decision that your employers have made, but there is a great deal you can do about the actions you take.  Your actions and attitudes will impact dramatically on your future, for better or worse.

Put aside one hour for this free webinar to help you:

  • Recognise the power that your thoughts can have on your actions and your future, and how you can make your thoughts and feelings work for you, not against you

  • Determine what it is that you really want to do and what you can do about it….Perhaps keeping the job you are so worried about now may not necessarily be your first choice!

  • Consider your self-marketing and how you could give yourself more chances of success

  • Uncover the hidden job market and find out how to tap into that source of so many jobs

  • Discover how social media can help you in your job search. 

It's a stressful time for many people at the moment, knowing that redundancies, job cuts and changes to working conditions are on the horizon.  It's hitting people who never imagined they'd be unemployed because work environments that were once considered completely secure are now being impacted by "economic necessities".  

This webinar offers support to people who know that the loss of their job is a distinct possibility, but are not prepared to just sit and wait.  This is the time to be proactive, to take the opportunity to consider your future working life and to start making some decisions that may, or may not, be dependent on what happens with your job. 

Don't live in the fear of what MIGHT happen!  Instead choose to make something positive come of this situation.  Find out about a practical solution to move you forward quickly and effectively with professional help and contemporary strategies to give you the edge over other job seekers.