How You Can Keep Employees Happy

June 22, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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Is monetary compensation still the best way to reward and motivate employees who are performing excellently? While it is true that good salaries and bonuses are still on top of the list of things that motivate workers to do better, many companies are now finding ways to tap into employee productivity beyond the traditional compensation techniques and are finding ways to promote employee engagement.  How have they managed this?

  • Flexible work schedule. There are many companies who allow their employees to go on a flexible schedule. This means that employees can work more hours on certain days and fewer on others, allowing them to spend more time for their families and personal interests.
  • Telecommuting is one of the latest trends in creating a work-friendly environment for workers. Keep in mind though that not everyone can be a good candidate for telecommuting. Employees with self discipline, great skills and who can work independently are ideal candidates for this type of work setup. Companies should constantly gauge the success and productivity of telecommuting employees.
  • Paid leave. Some companies allow employees to avail combined vacation leave, personal leave and emergency leave to reward and motivate them. This allows employees to have better control of their schedule, relax and take a break from work. Employees appreciate and tend to stay longer in companies which provide them with paid leave.
  • In-house career development programs. Companies should have a structured career development program for employees, allowing them to enhance their skills and learn new ones, discover their opportunities for advancement within the company and identify their weaknesses and strengths. Clarity Career Management offers outstanding coaching services for individuals and organisations to improve employee productivity, increase employee engagement and reduce staff turnover. Our coaching programs can be tailored to meet your exact needs and the needs of your people. Contact Clarity Career Management to find out how your organisation can benefit from our coaching programs.
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Last Modified: October 25, 2012
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