Keep Your Career Moving Forward!

June 15, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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With the challenging economy, finding and keeping a job is difficult. Many people find it difficult to move forward in their present careers.

Having a successful career is not impossible though, no matter what your current career status is.  Here are four simple steps to keep your career moving forward.

  1. Don’t stop learning. Career development is an important step in securing your career. Take courses related to your career or get a university degree that will enable you to be more employable in your chosen field. It will also help to take on opportunities that will allow you to learn more and improve your skills further.
  2. Build your network. Networking is a key strategy in career development. It should always be a part of our professional life. Career opportunities can come from sources within your network. Workers who miss on professional networking events or aren’t active in online networking are missing out on important opportunities to build your network.
  3. Work and life balance is very important. A person who lacks work and life balance becomes less productive and unhappy with his or her job. It can sometimes be tempting to take on as many responsibilities as possible especially if you are trying to get a promotion. Achieving this goal is not bad but sacrificing everything else in your life is not healthy at all. If you are able to set realistic career expectations, achieving a much healthier work-life family balance is possible.
  4. Work with a mentor. People who work with a career mentor enjoy greater career advancement. A career mentor can help you achieve career growth. Clarity Career Management specialises in career management coaching to help individuals achieve career satisfaction, increase their productivity and move forward in their career. Sign up with Career Clarity Management and take advantage of our free Seven Steps to Refresh your Career video course. Contact Clarity Career Management to learn more.
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Last Modified: October 25, 2012
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