Listen To Your Career Dreams

August 9, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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Career dreams sometimes seem out of reach. Even when people know what they really want to do they often put their dreams on hold, classified as unachievable because of the realities of life. Perhaps your career dream would require further study but bills need to be paid. Perhaps it involves reinventing the person that you show to the world. Perhaps you doubt your abilities and skills to achieve the role you want. Please don't let this stop you from working through the process of making a career change. You just might amaze yourself.

Even your career dreams that are completely unrealistic shouldn't be discarded. They don't have to be realistic or achievable to reveal a lot about you. They are like the career ambitions you expressed as a young child, full of raw recognition of who you really are beyond the facade of your everyday life.

Examine your career dreams and what they are saying about you. Dig under the job label and see what is really involved in that occupation. Does your career dream reveal a desire to be listened to or to help others? Does it come from your fascination with wild animals, or from your love of beautiful objects? Does it demonstrate your desire to be active and outdoors, to experience a level of notriety, or to be quietly working behind the scenes.

Similarly consider your dreams of what said you would be "when I grow up." Children's early career ambitions often are quite revealing, showing a level of self-understanding that isn't always around when you actually have to make career decisions. They are true to your nature, not clouded by what seems too difficult or out of reach.

Each of these values are valuable as you consider how you can make a career change to something that you will find fulfilling. Write down each clue as you recognise it and see if a pattern is starting to develop to help you make your career decisions.

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Last Modified: October 25, 2012
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