Make Significant Career Progress

July 10, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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Many people think that the only way for them to progress in their career is to change jobs when they feel they are getting ahead where they are. The truth is you don't really have to go job-hopping to achieve a successful career. It is very likely that the company you work for has a lot of opportunities for personal and professional growth that you haven't tapped yet. By taking on other responsibilities and new challenges, you can improve your skills set and make progress in your career without having to leave your current organisation.

Advancing in your career is an ongoing process and is not something that you just focus on when circumstances require it. You have to make every effort to be effective in your current role and who your willingness to continuously improve your knowledge and skills if you want to make significant progress in your career.

The key to making progress in your career is to make the most of every opportunity available for career growth within your organisation. Take advantage of career development programs like training, appraisals and other activities offered by your organisation. Taking on extra assignments that will help boost your skills and acquire new ones are also important to making career progress within the company. Check on roles which will allow you to expand your knowledge base and work on your weaknesses. Taking on extra roles will also give you the exposure you need to be known to managers and decision-makers within the company.

However, it is important to remember that before you take on extra roles you are really capable of delivering what is expected from you or you will end up sabotaging your career progress. You should be able to identify what aspect of your career you want to develop before volunteering to do a new role or task. What skills, attitude or style do you want to develop? For example, if you want to improve your selling skills, you may want to take on assignments that will allow you to deal with people or take on tasks that require you to learn persuasive communication.

By taking on new roles and challenges within your organisation, you will be able to make significant career progress and improve your job performance. Learn more about career development with the help of an expert career mentor who can help you flourish and reach your full potential through effective career coaching. Clarity Career Management offers individuals and organisations unique career development programs. Sign up now and claim your free Seven Steps to Refresh Your Career video course. Get in touch with a Clarity Career Management coach for more information.

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Last Modified: October 25, 2012
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