Core Values Index

June 17, 2012 | Jenni Proctor
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The Core Values Index is a unique human assessment which characterizes the innate “real” unchanging nature of a person. The CVI accurately measures various core values that are innate to you. It goes beyond personality evaluation and is capable of exposing ones motivational drivers, communication techniques, learning patterns and weaknesses. This is why the CVI is important in career management.

Most human assessment tools measure ones adapted personality, causing unreliable results. Most tools provide a repeat score validity of 70% which can drop to 60% after 90 days and 50% after a year. The CVI guarantees a 94 percent repeat-score reliability, making it the most reliable tool which reveal a person’s unadapted nature. Since CVI measures a person’s innate preference rather than ability to adapt to a variety of life situations and work experiences, the tool can help a person realise his or her potential. The combination of our innate nature, personality, competencies, skills and talents will determine where we will find fulfilment at work.

You can benefit from the CVI! Learn the negative strategies you tend to fall into when a supportive environment is lacking. Discover how you can use positive strategies to improve productivity and career satisfaction. Register to take the CVI to learn all of these plus more!

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Last Modified: October 26, 2012
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