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What would it mean to you if you could feel fulfilled in your work? Maybe just feeling happy might be your dream right now. What difference would that make in your life? Don’t waste the rest of your life doing work that makes you unhappy or is taking you away what you really want to do.

Do you drag yourself to work each day unhappy, stressed and wishing you were anywhere but there?

Yet the bills have to be paid and you need to work, so you keep plodding along, day after day, week after week, year after year, getting more stressed, exhausted and unhappy with each passing year.

If your week is punctuated by “Monday blues”, “Hump Day” and “TGIF” ….then there is a fair chance you aren’t happy with the work you are doing!

It sometimes feels like the advice of “get an education, get a job and live happily every after” is the biggest lie that was every told. The job becomes your prison, trapping you from finding work you’d love.

As an experienced Career Counsellor and Coach I see clients every day who tell me different versions of the same story.
“I’m worried about the future of my job and I'm worried about what it's doing to me”
“I feel trapped and unhappy”
“I still don’t know what I should be doing with my life or how I can do what I want to do.”

Underlying all this…The work they are doing is not fulfilling them or giving them a sense of purpose and being true to themselves.

They don’t have to live like this and neither do you!

Are you doing things that are saboutaging your career? 

The truth is that these mistakes are easy to make if you DON’T realise what they are, and very easy to overcome if you DO understand them and understand the strategies you can use to never make these mistakes.

Just imagine…in the near future, instead of waking up dreading the day ahead you look forward to your work, feeling completely in control of your own career and your career decisions, ready to face another day of purposeful satisfying work.

Here is the video to help you find out…


  • How to feel in control of your working life and get what you really want in your career and life

  • How to recognise whether you need a career change or a career refresh

  • The importance of understanding yourself and appreciating what you have to offer

  • How you are getting in your own way and stopping yourself from succeeding

  • How to effectively market you and how to shine in interviews, even if you have no experience in that field

  • Strategies to get you noticed, for all the right reasons, in your current work and in the job market

  • How to achieve your career goals and grab opportunities that come your way.

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