Introducing Clarity Career Management

Clarity Career Management offers career support from experienced and qualified career development professionals, specialists in this very important aspect of human existence….your career, and all aspects of your working life.

Our goal with all our clients is to empower individuals to work in roles and environments that enable them to flourish and reach their full potential.

What does Clarity Career Management offer for individuals?

Our clients’ needs are at the forefront of all of Clarity Career Management’s work. Each individual is coached according to their personal needs and we provide outstanding coaching support, online or in person, according to the client’s requirements. Our work is based on the Clarity Career Management Blueprint

We encourage individuals to be true to themselves in the work they choose and the career decisions they make. We assist clients to deeply understand themselves and their strengths.  In this way, we assist individuals to make the most of their work opportunities by managing their careers with confidence.

What do we offer for organisations?

Career Counselling and Coaching

We provide outstanding coaching services for your employees, at any level of responsibility within the company from Executives and Managers to new employees and graduates. Our coaching programs can be tailored to meet your exact needs and the needs of your people.

Every workshop is designed to meet your organisation’s requirements and the specific needs of your employees.  Workshops are impactful and inclusive with carefully designed worksheets available if required.

Qualifications and Professional Affiliation

Clarity Career Management was founded by Jenni Proctor, a Career Counsellor, Coach and Consultant based in Brisbane Australia. 
Jenni has a Master of Career Development and is a Fellow Member of the Career Development Association of Australia

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