Introducing Clarity Career Management

Clarity Career Management is a team of worklife and career strategists. We are professional career development professionals, experienced and qualified specifically in this important aspect of human existence….career and all aspects of working life.  

Business People happy in their careerOur goal with all our clients, individuals and businesses, is to have the right person in the right job, because it is then that individuals can florish and reach their full potential and organisations can achieve their greatest level of productivity. 

Why does having “the right person in the right job” matter?

Individuals, when happy and engaged in the work that is right for them, are far more productive.  This benefits the business through decreased absenteeism, and higher staff morale, as well as the obvious benefits of increased productivity.

Organisations are only as good as the people that work within them.  If you can get and keep the right people in the right jobs, your organisation will benefit in every way that businesses measure success, as well as by becoming an organisation with a reputation for valuing their people and therefore attracting more top performers.

What do we offer for Individuals?

We guide clients through the Clarity Career ManagementTM Blueprint to ensure that they have strong career management skills for the rest of their career. Our clients’ needs are at the forefront of all coaching. Each individual is coached according to their personal needs and we provide outstanding coaching support, by Skype/telephone or in person according to the client’s requirements.  Our clients are also supported with excellent resources to assist them.

We encourage individuals to be true to themselves in the work they choose and the career decisions they make. We use the Core Values IndexTM to assist clients to deeply understand themselves and their interactions with those around them.  In this way we assist individuals to make the most of their work opportunities by managing their careers with confidence.

What do we offer Organisations?


We can help you reduce staff turnover and increase productivity.  We are affiliated with Taylor Protocols, the creators of the Core Values IndexTM and The 80/20 ProtocolsTM which offers a proven method of recruiting only top performers, putting the right person in the right job every time.   Through a simple process you will increase your recruitment success rate dramatically, with positive outcomes for the business and the staff.


We provide outstanding coaching services for your employees, at any level of responsibility within the company from Executives and Managers to new employees and graduates. Our coaching programs can be tailored to meet your exact needs and the needs of your people.

Outplacement services

Small business often struggle to find a business which can provide Outplacement Services to meet their needs.  Talk to us, tell us what you need, and if we can’ t help you we will refer you to people who can meet your specific needs.

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

All consultants associated with Clarity Career ManagementTM are fully qualified, experienced and are members of the Career Development Association of Australia, or a similarly recognised CICA (Career Industry Council of Australia) member organisation. This gives you a guarantee that consultants and coaches are working within their professional association’s code of practice and have the appropriate tertiary qualifications to be accepted as a member of that association. 

Jenni Proctor, Founder of Clarity Career Management

Jenni Proctor Clarity Career ManagementClarity Career Management was founded by Jenni Proctor, a Career Counsellor, Coach and Consultant based in Brisbane Australia.  It has grown out of Jenni’s original career development business, Career Clarity.

Jenni Proctor has a Master of Career Development.  She is an award winning Career Development Professional, a Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia and a member of the International Coach Federation.  Clarity Career Management is bound by the professional code of conduct of both of these organisations.  Each consultant or coach working within Clarity Career Management will be similarly professionally qualified and experienced.

CDAA Fellow Logo 2012International Coach Federation Logo

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