Clarity Career Management Blueprint


Clarity Career Management Blueprint represents our methodology which supports clients in their decision making at all stages of life.

It is based on Career Development Theories and Frameworks and supported by the experience of working for many years with people at different stages of career development, from the very young to retirees.

It provides a powerful visual image of the process that individuals need to go through during  times of transition whilst making career and life decisions.  It gives them the self-knowledge, the strategies and ultimately the freedom to successfully manage their career into the future.

The Clarity Career Management Blueprint is at the heart of all our work. 

Each stage of this process is essential, but different stages will be more important to people at different stages of their lives.

What is the Clarity Career Management Blueprint based on?

The CLARITY Career Management  Blueprint has evolved from my work within Career Development, literally at all stages of the life span, from children in their early years at school to retirees choosing to maintain an active working life.

Each stage of career development has its own needs and challenges, so obviously some parts of the process are more important at different times and to different people.  However the recursive nature of career development requires that the spiral of internalising knowledge, skills and attitudes be ongoing throughout the lifespan.

Career development, to be meaningful to a client, must be holistic, recognising that each individual has a life outside their work with its own demands, challenges and responsibilities that impact on their career decisions.

Career theories and frameworks, and practical resources such as the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, have always informed my practice and ongoing professional development.  They are embedded in the CLARITY Career Management Blueprint, and so are embedded in all services that are  based on this Blueprint.

The Blueprint isn’t meant to be used strictly in sequence.  The sequence is a guideline, but the natural flow of career development requires that there will be some fluidity between the components of the blueprint

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