Jenni Proctor is a career practitioner with broad experience in Career Development as a career coach, career counsellor, career consultant and career education specialist. As an award winning careers professional, she combines a passion for career development across the lifespan with a strong background in management and education. 

Jenni Proctor Clarity Career ManagementJenni has been the President of the Career Development Association of Australia’s Queensland division and has served time on the CDAA National Executive Council.  She is also a member of the International Coach Federation.

Jenni studied for a Master of Career Development whilst working as a teacher librarian/resource centre manager.  This combination of roles led to a very successful innovative career development program at the elementary school where she worked.  This program was recognized twice in consecutive years by the prestigious Judith Leeson Excellence in Career Teaching Award, conferred by the Australian Career Service. 

In private practice initially she specialized in mid-life career dissatisfaction and change, as well as career education consultancy work.  The business focus on mid-life career change expanded to Baby Boomers who were planning the most significant transition of their lives and to assisting people who had been made redundant.

Jenni has presented at several CDAA conferences, professional development sessions for CDAA and other career associations, and for major education organisations  around Australia.  She has had articles published in career journals in Australia, as well as newspapers and a women’s magazine.

She is a director of Clarity Connections Pty Ltd, trading as Clarity Career Management. 

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