Career Change in 2020: Be Realistic

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A career change in 2020 requires you to look at the labour market realistically. Then conduct your career search based on what is really going on, not how you wish things were. 

Career Change in 2020: Not too optimistic, not too pessimistic

It is so easy to be overly optimistic, or even overly pessimistic if you do not have a good understanding of the realities that you are facing in your job search.

List your true skills and honestly evaluate if your skills and experience are a good match for the work you are seeking and for any job vacancy which you are considering. If there’s a good match then go for it! If there isn’t, there is little point in applying for that job. You will be wasting your time and that of the person whose task it is to review your application.

Clear goals, but a realistic outlook

Have clearly defined goals, enhanced by some optimism, and you will boost your chances of success. Clarity of your goals is essential because if you know what you want you will recognise it if the job is advertised or if you hear about the opportunity through your network. However, if you can’t really explain to someone the sort of work that you want to be doing then you probably aren’t ready to start making your career change yet.

But you do need to be realistic. You may find that you are offered a job that is less than ideal, but at least pays the bills. The challenge you face is to do that job as well as you can. Accept it as part of your overall career experience and see what lessons you can learn from the job that will help you in the future. The job that currently feels like a step backwards to you could open other opportunities in the future, introduce you to different people, or teach you something significant about yourself.

The career change labour market in 2020

Do you have a deep understanding of the current labour market in your area of expertise and/or your local area? It is important to do some research and find out about salaries, conditions and current job descriptions in your industry to ensure you are up to date with what is expected of you. You need to know what careers are in demand in your area and also the type of jobs that are expected to have greater demand in the future.

So often people apply for jobs but have their blinkers on to the reality of the labour market. Then they wonder why they have difficulty getting work. Maybe you have been able to get away with that in recent years, but understanding the local labour market is essential if you are making a career change in 2020. 

The old dating adage “It’s not you, it’s me” so often applies to job applications. When people are unsuccessful in their applications it is easy to internalise it and perceive the rejection as failure. Yet usually it is just that they were not what the employer wanted, and if they’d read the advertisement properly they’d have realised that!

Seek knowledge 

With determination and talent, complemented by strong employability skills, you can reach your ambitions. However, you need to be realistic and maintain your optimism, knowing you have done all you can do to improve your chances of a successful career change. Arm yourself with awareness of the job market in your industry and deep self-knowledge and you will boost your chances of success.

Invest in your future 

If you are unemployed or  seeking a career change we can help you.  Check out our Career Renovation Program which will guide you through the whole process.  Reflect on all that you have to offer, then be guided about how you can best present yourself with a powerful resume and outstanding interview strategies. Even find jobs that may not be advertised yet. All this with support. 

Don’t listen to the doom-and-gloomers! A career change in 2020 is possible if you take the time to get to know all you can about your local labour market, then plan and execute a very strategic job search. Remember that support is available.  You’ve got this! 

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