Have you been on a treadmill for a long time now, putting up with…tolerating…compromising? Wondering when your work life is going to start giving something back to you? … Will your career one day be satisfying and fulfilling?

Just as in any area of high achievement, having a career coach can make all the difference in achieving your goals. 

Our career coaching programs will help you

Success with a Career Coach
  • make career decisions with confidence 
  • recognise your own personal core values and the importance of being true to who you are in your career

  • recognise your value, your achievements and your untapped potential

  • understand the impact of your mindset on your career and life in general

  • learn many practical strategies which can make the difference between steering your career the way you want it, and spending your working life floundering along, unhappy with what you are achieving

  • consider your personal impact, decide how you want to be perceived in the workplace, and take action to achieve this image.

Choose from our most popular career coaching programs: 




Clarity Career ManagementTM Blueprint programs are based on my experience, gained from many years of working with people undergoing some sort of change in their career, study (Master of Career Development) and ongoing professional development.  


Jenni Proctor

MCareer Dev., FCDAA


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