You spend many hours of every day,
days of every week,
weeks of every year,
and many years of your life at work.
Is this how you want to spend your life?

Career counselling will help you when you

  • Are seeking a career change
  • Feel trapped and dissatisfied
  • Are not sure what career direction to take to best suit your personal needs
  • Are deciding between different options of career direction, jobs or tertiary study
  • Feel confused and worried about what to do with your career
  • Know there should be more to life than what you are living, but work is pulling you down
  • Have a conflict with a person or people at work that is upsetting you or undermining your career
  • Are being bullied at work.


Online or telephone career counselling. 

Your career counsellor, Jenni Proctor, has a Master of Career Development and has been helping people with their careers for many years.  She is passionate about the concept that everyone deserves to enjoy their work, to gain fulfillment and to feel a sense of purpose from the work they do.  For many people this means having the courage and the support to make a career change.

Career counselling, for career change or any other reason, involves developing a deeper understanding of your own personal purpose, your deep needs and the aspects of work that bring these to you.  You and your career counsellor work together to build your needs and preferences into a realistic plan so you can make a major career change, or make the major changes required to improve your current career.

Don’t delay.  Contact us today – 1300 851 821

Is your career happiness worth a small amount of your time and money?



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