Career Success Can Be Yours!

April 30, 2013 | Jenni Proctor
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In  my many years as a career practitioner, during which I’ve coached people with different attitudes, different career goals and different views on career success, I have noticed a common pattern among the behaviours of those who were able to attain a successful career. Let me share them with you:

You need to have clarity about your goals and understand your priorities. Before you take any step and make any big career moves, you must understand what you want to achieve and what matters to you the most. Are you willing to give up your comfort zone for a chance to succeed in a job you have always wanted to do? Are you willing to take the risks? Do you want to do something meaningful to you and your family? Failures are often caused by unclear goals and priorities. Career success occurs when people are aware of their purpose, what matters to them the most and how to get what they want.

You need to recognise your strengths and ensure that what you are doing enables your strengths to shine.  We all have weaknesses too, but successful people are not easily discouraged by their weaknesses. They don’t dwell on their insecurities but find ways to use their strengths in all that they do. Improve the things that you are good at, realising that it is through these strengths that you will shine.  

You must understand what commitment is and should be committed to succeed no matter what. You must believe that you can make a change and that it will be successful. Success demands risks. Be prepared for the possibilities and most of all be positive about the future.

Learn  how to communicate effectively. Do you know that powerful communicators make the best salesmen and politicians? Yes, successful people are usually those that are good storytellers. They know how to say the right things to the right person at the right time. They are good at influencing people and are confident.

You must learn how to value relationships. You can be successful at any age when you know how to value relationships and are aware that you need people to succeed. Successful people are those who create solid relationships and know how to nurture partnerships. They know how to build sincere, honest, and trustworthy relationships.

If you incorporate all of these tips into your career development plans, you are sure to have a great chance of succeeding. Do you want to make a successful career move? The 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough  Program can provide you with practical solutions so that you can achieve career success at any age. Contact us to learn more!



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Last Modified: June 3, 2013
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