Does your business feel like a revolving door?

Is high staff turnover, low staff morale and low productivity draining your business?

When you don’t have the right people you just can’t get your job done properly. Without the right people in the right jobs, productivity drops and productivity targets are not met. Staff morale slumps. Employees feel that there is no real clear career progression for them within the company and start to look around for other businesses that provide stronger career development and career pathways for them.

How much does it cost your business every year to recruit and retrain?

High staff turnover because of conflict at work

New people are being recruited but they just don’t cut it! Their resume read very well and in their interview they really sounded like they were perfect for the job. But once the honeymoon period is over you realised that their attitude isn’t right for the job they are in or their performance is a disappointment in unexpected ways.

Or perhaps you get good people, but they just don’t stay long. They are not performing as they expected to because the work and the culture isn’t what they thought, and in this environment they are unable to do their best work. They are clearly not happy. Their productivity reduces, their stress levels grow, perhaps some depression creeps in. There are even more lost days of productivity, contributing to the $4.3 billion which is lost each year in Australian businesses through undiagnosed depression brought on by stress.

Maybe you feel that the Recruitment process is dragging in the dogs! There doesn’t seem to be anyone decent to choose from. And it’s difficult enough to make the right hiring decisions even if you had a selection of great people.

What about the stress of having to deal with poorly hired people? You have trained them as well as you can but they just don’t seem to get it. It’s distressful to put everything into training new people only to get slapped in the face by them not doing the job properly, or leaving the company.

And so the revolving door begins again….. So where is the real talent hiding? How can you find them? 

Find out how 

  • the Core Values IndexTM can be used to assist all aspects of people management in your business

  • your Recruitment processes can be revolutionised, so you get the right person in the right job every time

  • your existing Talent Management strategies can be supported and enhanced to retain your top performers and boost the productivity of other employees.  

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