Leaders in Education:

Are your responsibilities getting you down?

Would your success in your role be enhanced by having someone you could trust implicitly, a professional coach who understood your role but was not part of your normal working life?

Leaders in education face many challenges every day.  You have responsibilities that those outside education just don’t comprehend.  Like any executive you have staff management issues, but you don’t have an HR person in an office nearby who can deal with it.  You have client management dilemmas over the services you are providing, but unlike executives in other industries, your clients are usually extremely emotionally attached to the recipients of the services – their beloved offspring!  You have your own version of Key Performance Indicators to meet, but the results are often out of your control. 

You have the responsibilities of any other senior executive of an organisation, but little of the support.  It is a tough role being a leader in education.  

Professional support may be difficult for you to find within your own close network especially when you feel like things are going wrong or you are just not coping as you expected to.  You can’t share your negative thoughts and deep worries with your staff.  They are looking to you for strength and motivation.  Sharing too much with your peers may be an problem, even if the problem is only related to your sense of pride and only wanting to be seen as a success.  You need someone who understands educational institutions and your role, but who is removed from the immediate situation.

Professional Coaching with Insight

It takes one to know one!

After many years in teaching, most of them as a Teacher Librarian, Jenni Proctor followed her interest in Career Development to study for a Master of Career Development and change her own career direction from working in schools to being a career consultant, counsellor and coach.  Much of the career consultancy work was within education, as a Career Education consultant, a trainer for a registered training organisation and a careers advisor in a University.    

With a deep understanding of what it is to be an educator in different sectors of education, and with a strong reputation as a Career Coach, Jenni is ideally placed to assist you. 

Coaching packages are designed to suit your needs.  Contact Clarity Career Management today to arrange a no-obligation appointment to discuss your particular coaching needs.  

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