Don’t be a Victim of Job Cuts and Redundancies!

This week in Queensland many people have lost their job, or are living with the fear that their job will be the next to go.  Whilst it may seem like the end of the world if you are the person who loses their job, it doesn’t need to be.  

Two things will make the world of difference right now between those who will rise above the situation and move forward, and those who will struggle: Strategies and Attitude! 

Clarity Career Management can help you with both of these, empowering you to overcome this current crisis.  Choose from our available programs and packages.

1.  Take Control – Turn Job Loss Into Career Gain!  A series of 4 webinars, rich with effective strategies to help you take control of the current situation and ensure that you turn it into a positive turning point. 

2.  Special Offer – Campbell Newman Survival Kit and Career Recovery Package:  Four hours of personal career counselling and coaching to help you consider possibilities, make decisions, stand out from the crowd and feel very confident as you move forward quickly. 

3.  Our usual career coaching and career counselling packages.

4.  We would love to run a hands on workshop to help you plan your job search action plan and give you further help with job search strategies.  If this interests you contact us as soon as possible telling me if you would like to organise a group of your friends/colleagues who have lost their jobs, or if you would like to attend a workshop that we organise.  

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