Executive Coaching

You are undoubtedly fooling them all at work that everything is OK, but underneath you are wondering what this job is doing to your private life, your health, even your state of mind. 

When you are in a position of high expectations and huge demands on your time it is especially important that you protect your own needs and create some balance in your life, so that you can continue to work while it suits you to do so but still have a life outside of work.

Executives are finding coaching to be the BREATH OF LIFE they needed to get to the next level. People problems and challenges are usually the greatest hurdle in any executive leadership position. Support from an executive coach is REFRESHING and POWERFUL!

You would be aware that executives from all sectors of business are experiencing the power of Coaching. A typical course of coaching will last 3 to 6 months, or longer in some situations. 

You could expect to develop shared outcomes, with the coach responsible for providing an insightful and rigorous process to facilitate reaching those outcomes, and the you responsible for following through on the commitments you make during the course of coaching.

Our Executive Coaching is designed to suit the exact needs of each individual, so you’d be actively involved in determining the direction the coaching was to take. You should expect strong commitment to professionalism, combined with high relational values:  We care how you are doing!

Typically we assist their clients to: 

Mid-career male and female executive coaches

  • Navigate through people-management issues

  • Stretch their goal setting to improve personal performance and business profitablity

  • Recognise the barriers that are affecting high performance in their organisation

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, staff and clients/customers

  • Balance their work demands with their personal life demands so that they can succeed in their job without destroying every other aspect of their lives. 

  • Plan a career transition.

“Transformational coaching is the art of empowering people to improve their effectiveness in a way in which they feel helped. This process engages the huge, untapped potential within people & organizations, by focusing energy on key performance objectives. Coaching, as a key component of leadership, brings out the best in people.”  Thomas Crane  “The Heart of Coaching”

Executive Coaching can be organised in your office, in my office, in a neutral location that suits you or via Skype.  
Situated in Wynnum Manly area of Brisbane, close to the Port of Brisbane and Australian Trade Coast
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