2020 Job Market Secrets Revealed

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Job market secrets are shouted at us from the television news, but few people recognise that what they are hearing is really relevant to their own job search.

If you are making a career change of any sort, because of the Coronavirus pandemic or just because you need a change, you need to be strategic about it. Yet you’d be amazed at how many people consider a major change in their career without doing the necessary research to really understand all the factors that will impact their job search success.

Understand current realities

You must understand the reality of the work you are seeking when you are looking for a career change.

What are the salaries, expectations, opportunities and predicted future prospects of that occupation? When you understand the current job market labour market you are prepared and ready for anything. You know what you want and how what you want fits with what others are seeking.

In understanding the job market, you are able to make decisions based on reality, not just hope.

Job Outlook

The Job Outlook website is a very helpful resource. Have a look at their Skills Match tool.  This will help you recognise your transferable skills.  This might help you transition into work that is in demand now, based on the skills you already have shown in previous employment.  Their Career Quiz may also be helpful to you if you don’t know what work to apply for.

I particularly like the Explore Careers section, which enables you to get a very realistic view of the income and other factors related to many different career options.  If you are looking towards the future (which is always advisable when making career decisions) the Future Outlook section is very interesting.

Job market secrets revealed

The Labour Market Information Portal is your prime source of all the information you need.  It shares current information, research and analysis about Australia’s employment landscape.

Regional jobs and trends

A new interactive dashboard contains data about national, state, territory and regional job markets.  You can look at emerging employment trends and watch for changes caused by the Coronavirus.

Who’s hiring?

They have a Special Topics Report section which shows where to find jobs in demand exist, particularly in industries directly affected by Covid-19.

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd when you apply for work by using some of the ideas found on The Employers’ Recruitment Insights page.  The resilience and attitudes you have shown over the last few months may be just what some employers are looking for.  This page also assists with resume and interview suggestions.

Research companies

Once you have uncovered important job market secrets through the government websites it’s time to start looking at companies that you would like to work for.  No matter what your industry, you can find out the most up to date information by going onto a company’s website. But insider knowledge is really important too.

Talk with people

Perhaps you could make contact with someone you admire within your industry and arrange to meet with them to ask about current industry and labour market trends. Maybe you know someone in the industry who can inform you of companies that may be hiring. Either way you will come to understand how your industry is currently faring in the economy and what are the key employment trends in the industry.

Just by doing a little investigative work, uncovering those job market secrets that are hidden in plain sight,  you will increase your chances of making clear decisions on your future, making your career change so much easier.

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