Are You Prepared to Be a Fish Out of Water?

Making a Career Change Can Feel Like This!

Career change is like a gold fish jumping from one bowl to another

Many mature workers desperately want to change their career, but most are held back by fear.   Sometimes they just want a change of jobs but often what they are really seeking is a complete change of direction.  Skills and experience abound, yet they worry that making any change may put their security at work in jeopardy. 

 Many are questioning traditional “retirement” concepts and would prefer to have some sort of plan for ongoing economic purpose for the future, yet at the same time they don’t want to sacrifice their lifestyle dreams.

To achieve this requires planning and some learning, but once a well planned career change has been made successfully the rewards can be great. 

3 goldfish in a bowl

“New Jobs for Older Workers: A Practical Guide to a Rewarding Career Change” has just been released on Amazon.  This book helps mature workers move towards their career change goals, whatever they are.

A bonus workbook has been designed to support your career change, so as you read the book you also work through the exercises, leading you towards making the right career change decision for you. Download your bonus workbook here

"New Jobs for Older Workers: A Practical Guide to a Rewarding Career Change" Amazon Kindle book by Jenni Proctor

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