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If you want professional career assistance with fast results… but in the comfort of your own home … You have come to the right place!

Don’t waste any more of your life at work you don’t enjoy!

Take charge of your career now so you can achieve the career results you want.

Do you drag yourself to work each day unhappy, stressed and wishing you were anywhere but there?

Yet the bills have to be paid and you need to work, so you keep plodding along, day after day, week after week, year after year, getting more stressed, exhausted and unhappy with each passing year.

If your week is punctuated by “Monday blues”, “hump day” and “TGIF” ….then there is a fair chance you aren’t happy with the work you are doing!

It sometimes feels like the advice of “get an education, get a job and live happily every after” is the biggest lie that was every told. The job becomes your prison, trapping you from finding work you’d love.

As an experienced Career Consultant I see clients every day who tell me different versions of the same story.

“I’m worried about the future of my job”…. “I’m worried about the economy”…. “It’s all my fault” …. “I don’t believe in myself anymore”….”Work is making me sick”….”I feel trapped” …”I’m disappointed in myself”… “I still don’t know what I should be doing”

Underlying all this…The work they are doing is not fulfilling them or giving them a sense of purpose and being true to themselves.

They don’t have to live like this and neither do you!

Would you like to know the 7 worst mistakes people make to mess up their career? The truth is that these mistakes are easy to make if you DON’T realise what they are, and very easy to overcome if you DO understand them and understand the strategies you can use to never make these mistakes.

Just imagine…in the near future, instead of waking up dreading the day ahead you look forward to your work, feeling completely in control of your own career and your career decisions, ready to face another day of purposeful satisfying work.

If you want to fast track your own personal career breakthrough…here is your opportunity to get the help you need but at a fraction of cost!

What would it mean to you if you could be happy in your work? What difference would that make in your life? Don’t waste the rest of your life doing work that makes you unhappy.

Don’t mess around about what to do next. Find out now how you can make the changes that are needed, and what strategies will work for you, then take the action needed.

To make a massive difference in your career you need to …

  • Know what is really going wrong in your career
  • Understand what your unique self needs to be fullfilled in your work
  • Decide on a clear direction for your future, so you know where you are heading
  • Recognise what you have to offer that makes you extremely valuable in the workplace – your skills, knowledge, experience, personal traits and achievements
  • Understand how you are getting in your own way and stopping yourself from succeeding
  • Update your skills on effectively marketing yourself and ensuring that you shine in interviews, even if you have no experience in that field
  • Employ strategies to get you noticed, for all the right reasons, in your current work and in the job market
  • Know how to achieve your career goals and grab opportunities that come your way now and into the future, so you are never in this situation again.

7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough

Career Breakthrough Banner

This program offers massive content, genuine support and exactly the resources you need to put YOU in the driver’s seat of your career.

The value is outstanding….but it is only for people who really want to make a personal career breakthrough over the next few months.

The pace of this program is in your hands. The workbook and first video will be sent to you when you sign up for the program, and then the subsequent videos will be sent to you each week for 7 weeks, giving you time to do some personal reflection and complete the activities between sessions. To get the most benefit you will find that the activities that come with each video provide a powerful way of helping you focus on each aspect of your career. However you will also have access to all the videos as soon as you join this program, so if you wanted to you could watch all seven videos in one day. Or you could take the program week by week, then dip back into the parts that you most need later.

You know you want to start making changes and moving towards what you want NOW….and for the rest of your life.

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What does the Fast Track Program offer you?

This program provides you with outstanding value and will set you up to manage your own career for life.

Session 1: Clarity, Congruence and Value

This session will consider how you can gain clarity about your purpose and recognise why you are unhappy or discontent and what you can do about it. It will also give you the opportunity to take a Core Values Index test to understand your own personal Core Values. Your Core Values direct all of your interactions and the styles of work and communication that enable you to be your best self.

It is disappointing when you are in a job that “should” be good for you, that you “should” like but something is going wrong and you just can’t work out what it is. Or perhaps you know exactly what is going wrong. Changes, new management, a work colleague – all can turn a great job into something you hate in a very short time. This session will help you understand what is really going wrong for you.

Session 2: Looking Ahead

What really matters to you? By understanding your Core Values you understand yourself better and that helps you to know the style of work you should be doing to allow yourself to shine. In this session we will be going through the Core Values report you will have received, explaining what it means and considering what implications this knowledge has for you in your personal career management in the future.

Session 3: Appraise your own value.

In this session we will be considering your achievements, attributes, personality traits, preferences, level of ambition and worklife balance. You will have worksheets to complete, during and after the session, and these will be invaluable to you when you are preparing for a performance review, writing a resume or getting ready for an interview.

Session 4: Reflect

Are your thoughts stopping you from succeeding? In this impactful webinar we discuss the power of your mind. What is happening to block your success? What can you do about your mindset and your thoughts? We will use some practical strategies to move your mindset and adapt your thinking to benefit your future success.

Session 5: Instigate Changes

By this stage you will know where you are going, what your value is, and in this session you will learn what to do to make the changes you want. This is the session where you will be given the practical strategies that you can use immediately, ways of making changes that really work. Whether it is improvement in your current work situation or a new job you are seeking, the strategies will be clearly explained, practical and ready for you to implement. You’ll create your own goals, action plans and milestones.

Session 6: Total package

How are you perceived? This session is about your personal branding, interpersonal skills, management skills and presentation. In this session you hold a mirror up to yourself and identify the image that others have of you. This is not about societal images like age and weight, it is about the brand that your name conveys in your industry. How can you convey your core values and your expertise to everyone you meet?

Session 7: Your future

In this last session we will be planning towards the next stage of your career management. What have you achieved during this course and what do you hope to achieve? What opportunities exist for you? Does your future work fill you with excitement? What support do you have in place as you make your changes?

But that’s not all……

Bonus 1: Core Value Index Assessment (Value $50)

You will undertake the Core Values Index test online. This is a highly regarded assessment of you as the person you really are, deep down. It recognises the person who sometimes gets lost in the busyness of life, as we project the personality that is required in our work roles, as we respond to the situations around us, as we live the life that other people expect us to live. Understanding your core values will often explain why you are not happy in your current role, and will guide you to embrace your true self and let what is at the heart of you shine in your future work.

Bonus 2: Clarity Career ManagementTM Workbook (Value $39)

A workbook has been prepared to guide you through the process that we undertake in this Fast Track program. Your thoughts and learnings, entered into your workbook, will make it become a very valuable document for you. The workbook will be sent to you electronically with your first video, but it is also available through your membership site password that will be given to you when you join the 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough program.

Bonus 3: Clarity Connections Toolkit (Value $250)

Use of this comprehensive suite of online tools that enable you to manage your decision making and your applications, all in one place. This is a secure site where you have unlimited access, can share your findings with your coach, and can continue to use long after your program is finished. This toolkit includes tools to help you

  • identify your transferable skills, work values and achievements
  • plan your networking, your job search and your applications
  • create your resume and prepare for interviews.

Bonus 4: Two ebooks

  • The Power of 100 – 100 women’s stories of personal and business growth by Janet Beckers
  • Change Your Career With Confidence by Jenni Proctor

Bonus 5: Resume and Interview videos

  • Standout Resumes
  • Sensational Interviews

Bonus 6: Powerful Planners

  • Lifestyle Business Concept Planner
  • Lifestyle Career Planner
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You can start your 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough program completely protected by our 100% money-back no-questions-asked guarantee.

The webinars, workbook and bonuses, all developed by an experienced career professional, are yours to watch, use and enjoy. If you are not 100% satisfied with the program you can unsubscribe at any time and your membership will be cancelled immediately with no questions asked.



Join the 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough  Program now — risk free — and immediately begin creating the life you know you deserve. The entire program is just $495 AUD.  If you don’t find this program is helpful to you, motivating and giving you the strategies you need to make a difference in your career, then – no questions asked – your payment will be refunded.  You’ve got nothing to lose except a miserable working life!

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