Do you know where you are going?

You'll never get there without Career Direction!

Lack of a clear career direction, and a related lack of focus, are the fundamental problems that most discontent workers face.

What should I be doing with my life?  Many people have been struggling with this issue for years, perhaps their whole working life.  

In two hours of intensive career counselling we can help you recognise your personal career direction and how to start moving in that direction. 

That’s right, you can solve the problem in just two hours!  And you’ve probably been putting up with being unhappy at work for years!  

This session has helped hundreds of people  recognise their career direction.  Contact us now to make an appointment.  The two hour session can be in person (in Brisbane Qld) or by Skype or telephone.  Most clients prefer a solid two hour session if they are meeting in person, whilst others prefer to break it into two separate hours if it is a Skype or telephone call. 

But ….. what will happen then?

Will you just muddle along, meaning to do something about it, and never do the things that need to be done to follow your career direction?

I've had many clients call me upset and frustrated with themselves because, although they'd worked out their career direction and were excited to make the changes that were needed, they then didn't do anything about it….time drifted by…no action…and so another year disappeared. 

Coaching is a great solution to this, but if you are looking for a more Do-It-Yourself option our full Career Direction Program is a fully resourced program that offers outstanding value

In addition to your two hour session you will also get these valuable bonuses

  • A questionnaire to ascertain your exact needs before we even start talking.  This will help you focus on exactly what is troubling you. (Valued @ $25)
  • A 15 minute call to discuss your questionnaire responses, to ensure that we know exactly what you want, and you know exactly what we can offer you. (Valued @ $50)
  • Core Values Index assessment with its insightful introductory report that reveals your “core” self. (With full report this sells for $50)
  • The complete Career Fast Track Program: 7 Steps to a Personal Career Breakthrough, providing you with all the strategies that you need and the self managed activities to move you forward quickly.  This is a home study program which will give you so much assistance to make the changes you want to make. (This sells for $397) 
  • A 15 minute laser focus call one week after you complete your program, to ensure that you are on track. (Valued @ $50)
  • Email contact for 1 month after your two hour session, to answer your questions, share your insights or provide suggestions about a particular issue. (Valued @ $100)

Just to make this an absolute no-brainer decision for you, you won't believe the small amount extra that you have to pay to get all these additional resources and help.

Contact us now to organise your questionnaire and to make an appointment for a 15 minute call to find out everything you want to know about how we can help you.  

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