$ 67 Monthly payment
  • Full program access while enrolled
  • Ongoing bonus resources
  • Facebook Group support from Career Coach and others in the group


$ 297 Coronavirus Special Price
  • Full program access indefinitely
  • Ongoing bonus resources
  • Facebook Group support from Career Coach and others in the group.


$ 597 Includes 2 x 60 minute Laser-focused Coaching Appointments
  • Full program access indefinitely
  • Bonus resources
  • Facebook Group support
Plus coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What will membership of the Career Renovation Program give me? 

The Career Renovation program is designed by an experienced Career Development practitioner, taking you through the same content you would cover if you were to sign up for an intensive Career Coaching program of 12 x 1 hour appointments. Personal coaching is not part of the Special Covid Price but the cost of the program is ONE TENTH the cost of the one-to-one coaching program.  Support will be available through the Facebook Group. 

How long are the Modules?

Modules are of different lengths because of the content in them. Each of the 12 modules consists of a VIDEO and worksheets and often some extra reading – an article or an ebook – to expand that content.  Some will take you much longer than other modules. For example the four parts of Module 5 should take you the longest time because they deal with your actual job search strategies. But when you have done Modules 1 – 4 you will be well prepared to undertake your job search with confidence and clarity.

The videos average 17 minutes in length, but range from 10 minutes to 28 minutes.  The amount of time you spend on each worksheet is completely up to you, but the more thought you put into them the more you will get out of the program.  

I’m already employed.  What benefit would I get from doing the Career Renovation program? 

There’s a big difference between being happily employed, enjoying the work you are doing and feeling fulfilled by at least some of your work, in contrast to being employed but unhappy. If you are unhappy at work this is your chance to clarify what you really want to do, what work is going to be ideal for you, and then consider how you can position yourself to get into a role where you can do your best work and enjoy what you are doing. 

I am unemployed.  Can you guarantee I’ll get a job if I do this course? 

No, sorry, I can’t guarantee that you will get a job.  BUT I can guarantee that if you follow the program and start using some of the strategies that are included you will have a much better chance of getting employment, and even a much better chance of getting a job that will be right for you. 

30 day
money-back guarantee

The Career Renovation program has been developed to give you career success. 

If you are unhappy with the program contact me for a full refund.

It won’t be a no-questions asked refund though! 

I will check with you if there is some specific help you need. Whether you are doing this program or not, I will want to know that you haven’t given up on trying to give yourself the best possible chance of being happily employed.

Meanwhile, if you have any concerns about whether the program will help you, please feel free to give me a call to discuss your specific needs.  No, that is not a “sales” call….It’s a genuine offer to help you to clarify what will make the difference for you and your future. 

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