Clarity Career Management is affiliated with Taylor Protocols to provide recruitment and talent management solutions.  All trademarked products mentioned on this page are owned and managed by Taylor Protocols. 

The 80/20 ProtocolTM is a unique process to ensure that you have the right person recruited for the right role, every time you recruit.  It uses a Top Performer ProfileTM process, enabling people to be working to their personal potential doing the work that they do the best and so making the greatest contribution. 

The Human Capital AuditTM is included in this protocol, as is the Core Values Alignment ProtocolTM which is described as a 'musical chairs repositioning process', enhancing the talent management of your existing staff.  Poor performers in one role can often become top performers when the company, and the individual, recognises the role in which they will be able to make the greatest contribution using their unique skills and talents, but supported by the right core values for that role. 

View the series of 4 videos below, then contact Clarity Career Management to discuss the services we can offer you. 


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