Jenni Proctor Clarity Career Management

Jenni Proctor is an entertaining speaker and trainer who will give your attendees a new perspective on their working life.  Her style is informative, full of content, and rich in concepts, delivered with energy and humour.  She is available for presentations and whole day workshops.


Workshops will be designed to your specific requirements and the needs of the participants. Workshop booklets and handouts can be designed to enable participants to be actively involved in the workshop, noting their thoughts and ideas.  This assists the participants to recall and act on the content.


Baby Boomers Mean Business

Businesses need to retain the expertise and knowledge of Baby Boomers.  This presentation is aimed at helping organisations develop positive over 50s practices and policies and for over 50s to recognise their value in the workforce, with strategies to proactively make themselves be valued in the workplace.  Intergenerational issues will be considered, and its impact on workplace communication.

Don’t Retire, Reinvent Your Life

Challenging the concept of living a “traditional” retirement, this presentation exposes the reality of life in the future for today’s baby boomers who are underprepared financially for retirement, and encourages them to use their skills, experiences and interests to reinvent an actively engaged future, incorporating some income-producing activities into their planning. Transition to retirement lifestyle strategies will also be discussed.

FREEDOM Retirement Planning Workshops

Half and full day workshops are available to consider all the aspects related to retirement at this time in history. Lifestyle issues, personal issues, work issues and health are all considered, with humour and openness.  A thorough exploration of retirement planning is based on the acronym FREEDOM, with worksheets provided to assist the participants to record their thoughts and plans, to then be discussed with any significant others in their lives.

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