Don't let job cuts in Queensland ruin your career

Take Control…Turn job loss into career gain!

Powerful Practical Career Strategies to Put You In Charge of Your Career and Your Future

  • Have you lost your job?
  • Are the current round of job cuts, redundancies and "downsizing" affecting you?  
  • Do you live each day with this threat hanging over you, making you feel stressed and uncertain about your future?  

There are four main skills you need to turn job loss into a positive turning point in your career. 

Number 1: Being absolutely certain about your career direction

Number 2: Having outstanding self-marketing documents and skills

Number 3: Networking effectively, offline and online

Number 4: Having the right mental attitude to your job search and your current situation.

Take Control…Turn Job Loss into Career Gain! is a series of four one hour webinars which will guide you through the job search strategies and career strategies you need to get the jump on everyone else, to get the job you want, and to make sure that this is a positive step forward in your life, not a time of desperation and despair.  You can view an introductory video, explaining this program, at Be Prepared!


These four hours of practical action steps will equip you to tackle the current job market with confidence.

Each webinar will guide you through different strategies. 

Week 1: Work out exactly what work you are looking for so that your next job takes you in the right career direction

Week 2: Recognise your achievements, skills, personal attributes and your own unique contribution to the workplace, resulting in powerful effective self-marketing documents.  You'll be able to write a resume that really gets noticed.

Week 3: Understand the skills involved in networking to uncover the hidden job market, using online and offline strategies.

Week 4: Feel empowered to succeed through developing a success mindset and projecting the attitudes that will not only get you the job you want, but will then enable you to succeed in that job. 

Don't live in the fear of what MIGHT happen!  Instead choose to make something positive come of this situation.


This webinar series is priced to enable everyone to attend.  For just $198 (GST inc) you will receive

  • A questionnaire to determine your current needs, so I can be sure to provide you with what you want in the webinars
  • Four hours of up-to-date career and job search strategies from an experienced professional career consultant
  • A workbook, designed especially for this webinar series, with activities that will deepen the value you will gain during the webinars
  • The opportunity to ask the questions (in privacy) that are bothering you and have them answered during the webinars

Additional bonuses include

  • Resume template
  • LinkedIn profile template
  • Hidden job market video
  • Video "Rewire your career, rewire your life" 
  • Ebook, about to be published through Amazon/Kindle, "Fresh Start: Career Change for Mature Workers"



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